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A simple task was given by your father.  You're first time outside without him is daunting. Get back before Sinatra's lantern dims. You were expecting less, but you experienced more.

Contains multiple endings.


My first RPGMaker Game

Please don't hesitate to criticize the writing or suggest some ideas.

I am trying to figure out an identity for this universe.

Thank you for playing my game!


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Development log


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Really enjoyable game! The characters were all interesting and the lore and some little details of the world pulled me in. I’d definitely like to see this world explored further!

My feedback would be the following:

-It’s great that you can go whenever you want right from the start, but I definitely feel that there needed to be some flags to check if you did certain things beforehand. Most notably, seeing the bridge destroyed. It seems a bit strange that Roy’s looking for bridge parts for a bridge he didn’t know was destroyed yet.

-It was a bit awkward to have other party members with you but have them not be apparent at all in scenes with other characters. EX: I found Margaret, then found Rodrick, but it was a bit strange that Margaret would stay quite the entire time or Rodrick not noticing that Roy was carrying a statue the entire time.

-I got to the final boss, but the fight was automatically won for me. I’m guessing this was a bug?

This was a pretty great game for your first RPG Maker Game! Again, I’d love to see this world explored. The mythos of Sinatra’s Lantern was really interesting! I hope to see more! I made a video with my experiences with the game. Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

As for the boss battle, I just forgot to remove the debug since I was testing all the paths.

Will update as soon as possible